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The  Celebrity Experience is an exclusive interactive program that occurs in various locations around the world.  We help develop experience and skills through hands on work while performing with celebrities we bring in exclusively, for all our performers. You will perform in a real movie set while being directed by Hollywood filmmaker with a professional film crew who will be creating a reel of your work, which is a rare and unique opportunity for aspiring performers. The ability to present a body of work in their reel, done in cooperation with real celebrities, provides a (unique) advantage to stand out from the crowd.  During this incredible experience we provide tools for success and opportunities for young performers to work in-person with celebrities and experience what it means to work in the entertainment industry first hand. The Celebrity Experience unites performers with Hollywood and international TV and Film stars. Every performer is able to see from an inside perspective what it means to work in the entertainment industry. Aspiring actors gain valuable real-life experience by performing with celebrities,  Actors are taught to think like a business professional at a young age and perform in front of large audiences which helps the young performer blossom.  The Celebrity Experience will help jump start your career. We will get you on the fast track to the top industry professionals in the business. We care about your success and we created an opportunity with The Celebrity Experience that won't stop until you do. You bring the talent and we'll take it from there.




Young performers rehearse scenes with Hollywood celebrities giving them a hands on experience in the entertainment industry

  • Film a scene on set with a Hollywood Director
  • Take a Backlot Tour of the Studio
  • Parents participate in Celebrity seminars 
  • Live performances
  • Dance Party
  • Producers and Directors from Film and TV Q & A
  • Marketing Workshops
  • Join celebrities and walk the red carpet
  • Award show gala dinner